Lining and Connection Solutions

PFP (Aust) Pty Ltd has developed partnerships with leading manufacturers to be able to provide innovative and cost saving solutions for our clients. Engage with us early and see how we can help.

Lining Options

Offering pipeline solutions from API 5LB to X70, with a wide range of lining options for the most corrosive and abrasive applications, we can provide solutions which can improve both reliability and costs for your assets.

CRA Cladding and Mechanical Lining

PE (HDPE / UHWMPE) Lined Steel

Hard Facing

PTFE / PFA / PP / ETFE Lined Pipe & Fittings (ASTM F1545:2021)

Connection Methods

Through innovative engineered joints, we can ensure your project is completed with confidence while assisting your people to work faster while increasing job safety, ensuring reliability and maximising efficiency.

Hub & Clamp Connections

Grooved and Shouldered Joints

Ring Joints

Mechanical Interference Joints

Coating Options

We work with premier products and technologies to ensure all client coating solutions are met. From development of MPS/ITP’s, Inspections to transport appropriate packaging.





Quality Control & Inspection

With an ever changing environment we will continue to strive to provide quality products to our clients.

Third Party Inspection (TPI)

Client Inspections

Virtual FAT Inspections

Full MDR & Documentation